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hard assets


This program is designed to create a curvy, toned, athletic build with emphasis primarily on the lower body.   No matter what your fitness level, this class will increase your strength and muscle mass. 

This program will be uncomfortable at times, painful at others. It will force you to focus on performance.  You'll get stronger, faster, and more powerful. 

Forget the treadmill; it's time start bodybuilding to increase your muscle definition and size in all the right places to ensure you get a lean, sexy, toned, curvy body without getting bulky.


Small group training provides a more intimate and personal experience towards fitness.  Each class consists of 5-10 participants and is lead by an instructor who will educate, inspire and challenge you during each workout.
We work for you and want you to experience the enjoyment of training in a supportive environment that will meet your needs. 

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