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activation & mobility class




We feature small group training that is based on non-evasive techniques, designed to balance the muscular system of our clients regardless of their age.   Each client comes with their own issues, not one person has the same physical history as another, it is for that reason we strongly suggest this class to all our clients at least once a week.

This revolutionary approach will asssess and correct any muscular imbalances, joint instability and limitations and take our clients to a position of strengh, and help them build a solid foundation to move forward in their fitness level with confidence. 

The class is led by a certified  athletic therapist who has years of experience to ensure safe progressions in a small group training class setting.  The class will change its primary focus from month to month but will focus on activation and stablilizaton and muscle awareness.  

This month the class will focus on the core activation and stablization. We will teach our clients how to engage your inner core, pelvic floor, transvers abdomens and multifidus to ensure a free periodizatoin in ay class and every day movement, followed by a series of stretches  to increase flexibility and range of motion for each of the different muscle groups.

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